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Cost of Living and Salary Survey Software

Below is a listing of cost of living and salary survey software intended for compensation professionals. The free Demo downloads give you a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of the survey databases before making a purchase. The Assessor Series® are used by the majority of the US Fortune 500. If you have a question about an Assessor software title or would like to request a live online demonstration, please call us toll free at 1-800-627-3697.

Software Title Description Data Source
Cost of Living Relocation Data Compare the cost of living between two cities. This cost-of-living calculator reports the overall difference in living costs, and a break-down of costs by category (housing, consumables, taxes, transportation, etc.). Learn more... Thousands of cost-of-living surveys including international.
Geographic Pay Data Provides geographic pay differentials and cost-of-living comparisons for over 7,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more... U.S. census and thousands of salary survey data points.
Salary Survey Data ERI's Salary Assessor® survey software is an easy-to-use program that reports "up to the present day" competitive wage, salary, and incentive survey data. Each job has been tracked over time (many since 1977). The Salary Data covers 5,000 job titles and 298 U.S. and Canadian metropolitan areas. Learn more... Updated pay ranges by industry, size and location from thousands of pay surveys.
Executive Compensation Data Executive compensation software provides competitive base salary, incentive, and total compensation data for more than 400 top management positions in the US and Canada. Learn more... U.S. SEC proxy data and 10-K reports
Nonprofit Comparables Data Nonprofit Salary Survey Assessor™ (CA), provides compensation benchmarks for top positions within nonprofit organizations, as derived from ERI's extensive analysis of available information returns. Learn more... Census of data compiled from Form 990 information returns of 167,000 unique nonprofits.