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The graph below shows cost of living estimates using data elements from CostOfLiving.net's online cost of living survey for , , compared with the U.S. NATIONAL AVERAGE cost of living. If you are relocating employees and require data trusted by professionals that is based on all the specific variables of your employee's situation please see ERI Economic Research Institute's Relocation Assessor.
Question: How much does it cost in Seattle, Washington, to have the same standard of living as the U.S. NATIONAL AVERAGE at an annual earnings level of $70,000?

Answer: In Seattle, Washington, it costs $99,517 to live a similar lifestyle as the U.S. NATIONAL AVERAGE lifestyle at an annual earnings level of $70,000.

Cost of Living in Seattle, Washington vs U.S. NATIONAL AVERAGE
by Expenditure Category

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Expenditure Categories and Assumptions

Housing is typically the largest component of household expenditures in cost of living estimates. Housing expenditures include estimated annual rental costs of a two-bedroom, 900 square foot apartment. Estimates of annual utility costs and renter's insurance costs are included.

Consumables is usually the second largest component in cost of living models. The CostOfLiving.net expenditure figures for Consumables are built up from a market basket of goods and services that a typical management/professional household would purchase and consume.

The Transportation factors include the annual cost of operating and maintaining two automobiles. Estimates include: maintenance, taxes and licensing fees, insurance, gasoline costs including taxes, etc.

Health care services estimates are out-of-pocket costs for the employee and carrier zone rates by location, along with hospital costs. They are based primarily upon group medical benefits as tracked by national carriers and in-house methodology. Health care services vary by family size.

Uses CostofLiving.net's online cost of living survey data to estimate cost of living based on a mid-management/professional lifestyle.

Data updated: 05/30/2015